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Since getting a breast reduction, I have lost over 20+ pounds. I am not completely at my goal weight but I am very close to it. I thought id help my fellow readers who might be wanting to shed some extra weight off in the tips & tricks that have helped me along the way.

  • Setting a Goal Weight –  If you set a goal weight it will help to ensure that you stay focused on what your Major GOAL is.


  • Detox You Mind Body & Soul – Detoxing your MIND, BODY, & SOUL will not only help you in shedding the first few pounds but it will help you detox all of the toxic waste in your life. You Can Check Out MyPinterest Page for some help full ways on how to detox.


  • Changing Your Eating Habits -Watching what you, not necessarily your calories but how your food has been grown & raised. For Example, instead of eating hormone filled meats switch to Organic meats, Cutting back on your sugar intake, Cutting out certain preparations of food such as fried foods & foods that contain grease. (Just Like Grease  Isn’t Good for your hair Grease is not good for your Body)
  • ** Check Out The Health & Fitness Section Of This Blog To See Some Great Meals & Food Ideas 


  • Ditch The Soda & Drink Water – This is one of my struggles today but I think of the outcome & results I want to achieve. Drinking water is something that will not keep you hydrated for the Summer Months but it will help you flush out the excess water weight that you are lugging around. If you don’t like the taste of plain water try infusing your water with different fruits, not only does it make the water taste bomb AFit also is a good form of a detox for the body.  (Helpful Hint: Cold water is good for hydration, Room Temperature aids in detoxing the body).


  • Exercise Daily & Wear A Sweat Band or Waist Trainer- Getting into the gym is one of the hardest parts, Constantly needing motivation & inspiration. But during your gym session make sure you are wearing a Sweat Band which helps you sweat off the extra pounds in double the amount of time. If you are NOT hitting the gym make sure you are wearing a  Waist Trainerfor a minimum of 8 Hours daily.